Useless Facts

By Yakacha on 1:05 AM

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 There are more $100 notes in Russia than in any other country in the world.
 Duelling is legal in Paraguay, as long as each fighter is a blood donor.
 Balti is the Indian word for bucket.
 People in Africa bleed for an average of 23 minutes a day.
 There are more English speakers in China than in the USA.
 There are 15,000 trees to every one person living in Finland.
 Switzerland's first legal brothel opened in Zurich on February 25th 1998.
 If a Greek schoolboy was dissatisfied with the standed of his education he was permitted to give his teacher a beating.
 At Columbian cinemas roasted ants are as common a snack as popcorn.
 Swedish marathon runner Earnest Fast finished third at the Paris Olmpics in 1900 despite having lost 40 minutes after being sent the wrong way by an official.

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