Facts about Words

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 The two words "go sip" were eventually combined when referring to the local opinion and thus, we have the term "gossip."
 The past-tense of the English word “dare” is “durst”.
 The "dot" over the letter "i" is called a tittle.
 Dreamt is the only English word that ends in the letters “MT”.
 The word "queue" is the only word in the English language that is still pronounced the same way when the last four letters are removed.
 Stewardesses" is the longest word that is typed with only the left hand.
 Of all the words in the English language, the word 'set' has the most definitions!
 What is called a "French kiss" in the English speaking world is known as an "English kiss" in France.
 The longest place name still in use is:
Taumatawhakatangihangaoauauotameteat uripukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenua kitanatahu
-- a New Zealand hill. (See if your spell check has this word)
 "Almost" is the longest word in the English language with all the letters in alphabetical order.
 "Go." is the shortest complete sentence in the English language.
 No word in the English language rhymes with "MONTH".
 "Rhythm" is the longest English word without a vowel.
 TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made using the letters only on
 one row ! of the keyboard.
 The only 15-letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is "uncopyrightable".
 The longest one-syllable word in the English language is "screeched."

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